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My Rare Items

This page hasn't been updated from NC1 yet.

The following are screenshots of my rares. Please feel free to be extremely jealous of my uberness :)

And yes, I know the 5 slot Tangent Assault and 5 slot Commando aren't rares - but they're rare enough :)

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Perfect Explosive Silent Hunter constructed by PowerRun Perfect uranium enlarged Silent Hunter constructed by PowerRun
Alternate ammo = better pwnage 115/120? Must've pwned a few ppl :)
Perfect explosive Ray of God (PowerRun) perfect explosive Pain Easer (PowerRun)
Artifact uranium enlarged Pain Easer with Silencer constructed by PowerRun
In reflect Silencer was a bad mod choice - it reduces damage in pvp  - a scope or  laserpointer would have served me better
Artifact enlarged Redeemer constructed by PowerRun - Free slots: 1 Perfect light Healing Light constructed by PowerRun
Needs a damn ammo mod! Someone run to TG canton and get killed getting it for me pls :) Good for levelling Used in combo with the Redeemer for power levelling
artifact Biotech Special Force's CPU (PowerRun) Perfect radioactive First Love constructed by PowerRun
A nice chip, need an SA to compliment it tho :) A nice weapon - but it just doesnt compare to the 4 slot artifact :)
Perfect x-heated First Love constructed by PowerRun - Free slots: 3
This need updating - its totally artifact with a slot free now - total pwnage!
Perfect ultimated uranium advanced enlarged Tangent 'Commando' Sniper Rifle with Silence constructed by Gunsmith
Although it reduces damage, the silencer can help in staying hidden for longer. It's completely outclassed by the SH tho.
Outstanding uranium enlarged advanced Tangent Assault Rifle with Scope, Laserpointer constructed by RedAirAngel 2
An excellent weapon to use  for close range work while you wait for the PE